About Us

Blistex was founded in 1947 as a small, family-run company in the business of developing and marketing lip care products, primarily in the United States. Our objectives in those days were to create quality products, achieve consistent growth and become an innovative leader in lip care.

The pursuit of quality and customer service led us in 1967 to create our research and development facilities, as well as build our own manufacturing and corporate headquarters complex in Oak Brook, Illinois. This move enabled us to have pinpoint control of every phase of our business from product formulation and testing to manufacturing and marketing. Over the years, consistent growth was fueled by constant innovation in the Blistex product line. New products were added and existing products improved as Blistex moved into worldwide lip and health care markets.

Today, the Blistex tradition is carried on by the third generation of our founding family. And we still believe in our original goals. Product quality. Growth. Innovation. And leadership. Some things should never change.

Blistex manufactures, tests and distributes a full line of quality lip care products, along with products from the Ivarest, Kank-a, Odor-Eaters, Stridex and TUCKS brands.

Employment at Blistex
For millions of people around the world, our name is synonymous with lip moisturization, protection and relief. In short, simply the very best in lip care products anywhere.

But for the people at Blistex Inc., our name is more than a familiar brand. It is a standard that challenges each of us to provide our global consumers with the finest health care products.

At Blistex Inc., success begins with an excellent workforce. Then we channel our creative energies through an ongoing process that gives every employee – regardless of job title – the opportunity to contribute fully to the organization’s success. Finally, we provide an environment that encourages involvement and respects the talents of the individual while fostering a team concept.

Blistex recognizes that continuing success in increasingly competitive global markets will require the constant pursuit of insight and excellence in all aspects of what we do. To help us meet our goal, we look to bring on-board talented individuals with a drive to succeed and a passion to satisfy the customer. Whether your expertise lies within sales, marketing, research & development, engineering, information technology, finance or manufacturing – Blistex has exciting opportunities.

For more information on career opportunities with Blistex, contact us at (630) 571-2870 or Join our talent network.